Bankers need to be mindful on the latest trends in Electronic and Digital Banking

Mathew Heaps of NCR talking to participants


People working in the bank industry in Fiji need to be mindful of the things that surround them as we embark on a solid foundation of digitization said Director of Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit.

Mr Razim Buksh addressed more Bankers in a One-Day Workshop on Banking-Security and Threat counter measures organized by the Fiji Institute of Bankers (FIB) on Friday, October 27, 2017.

He said, ‘FIB should be taking center stage in educating and creating awareness on a wide spectrum of issues in terms of finance.”

It is very important for us as bankers in Fiji that we keep up with developments happening around us, both locally and internationally,” Mr Buksh said.

With the theme “The Fiji Banking Industry Service Paradise“, more than 70 members of FIB enhanced their understandings about digital security-related trends, and the two major problems confronting the industry today which are money laundering and fraudulent activities.

FIB President Saud Minam said “banking continues to evolve at a fast pace and we need to stay on top of global trends”.

In particular, as customers increasingly move towards the use of digital channels to do their everyday banking, including via ATMs, EFTPOS, Internet Banking and mobile phone banking, it is becoming more and more important for bankers to stay on top of the issues covered at the workshop to help safeguard our customers.”

One of the participants, Susie Fesaitu from Bank of South Pacific said she was interested in payments in the development and trends as well as the intelligence deposit at ATM.

She now has knowledge on the changing dynamic of money management in a drive towards digitalization.

The workshop was held at ANZ House in Suva and featured international facilitators from NCR Corporation and Payments Consulting Network.

The facilitators were invited by FIB to share their expertise on the latest development in banking technology and other issues related to the global banking industry.