Fiji Institute of Bankers needs to lift its profile says RBF Governor


Mr. Arif Ali Governor of Reserve Bank of Fiji


The newly appointed Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji and long-time member of Fiji Institute of Bankers (FIB) wants the institute to lift its profile in order to attract more members.

RBF Governor Faizul Arif Ali says FIB is ultimately for the members and when membership is too low, people value it as low.

He says that FIB needs to create awareness and organise seminars and positive competitions among the members to keep them motivated.

“I think the key is making seminars, showing your visibility. The first meeting I attended for the Fiji Institute of Bankers they were saying, let’s have something whereby it gets attention and the only way it gets attention is getting the PM or the AG to say we are doing something important.”

“Members would say what is there for me, what do I get out of this? Even if I pay $15.00 what is there for me. You know if all you give them is a certificate, people are flooded with certificates, there are so many around.”

Part of the incentives that FIB has for its members is enhancing their skills with the latest education relating to the banking industry.

This year FIB announced 10 prestigious scholarship worth $5,000.00 per year for its members and RBF Governor is hoping that all members are well informed about these scholarships.

He says FIB need to disseminate all the information to all the members so that it gives equal opportunity for everyone to apply.

“It’s one thing to announce but another to communicate and you want to have a tough time choosing. You don’t want just a few people applying and you just give it to them,” said Ali.

Ali says he wants to hear that FIB receives 100 applications and has a hard time choosing the best candidates

“Put it on Facebook and make sure more people apply because if they are disappointed than we know that they are trying to get it. Otherwise I don’t want to hear that 4 ANZ and 4 Westpac staff got it. You know what I am trying to say,” he added.