Round 3 of FIB Indoor Tournaments with all teams making a great comeback

Round 3 of the FIB Indoor Sports tournament was held on Friday November 10, 2017 at HFC Carpark to compete and cheer for their teams during the last round.

There were some major changes where the less dominant teams in the first 2 rounds came back with full force thus improving their ranking in the overall tally.

All teams made a great comeback when we introduced table tennis and billiard games at this round,” said FIB Secretary Eta Bilitaki.

Some teams managed to get bonus points by signing up their co-workers as new members of the institution plus the participation of CEOs,” she added.

Overall, the FDB team came back strongly and are currently leading with 67 points followed by Team BOB in second place with 55 points.

Team RBF are currently in third place, trailing behind by five points while Team ANZ scored a total of 48 points and secured fourth place and a place in the semifinals.

In fifth place, Team HFC with 38 points, Team BSP in sixth place with 27 points, Team WBC followed in seventh place with 15 points while Team BRED scored 13 points and earned 8th place.

The Indoor Semi-finals and Finals will be held on Friday 24th November 2017 at BSP premises beginning at 5.30pm.

The semi-final fixtures are:

  • Team FDB vs Team ANZ
  • Team BOB vs Team RBF

The other four teams which did not qualify for the semis will compete against each other for the ranking:

  • Team HFC vs Team BRED
  • Team BSP vs Team WBC

FIB would like to congratulate all teams for taking part in the three rounds of the Indoor Sports Tournament and would also like to wish all the teams the Best of Luck in the Semi-finals and the Finals.

May the Best Team Win !!!